Clive L. Spash

Environmental Values and Economics

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Welcome to my personal website.

I am an economist who writes, researches and teaches on public policy with an emphasis on economic and environmental interactions. My main interests are interdisciplinary research on human behaviour, environmental values and the transformation of the world political economy to a more socially and environmentally just system.

Over 30 years, I have worked on a range of subject areas and topics from the economic impacts and control of acidic deposition through atmospheric and plant science relating to urban pollution impacts on agriculture to the economics and ethics of human induced climate change and the plural values related to biodiversity. This has also involved moving away from mainstream environmental and resource economics, looking at links with natural sciences, understanding applied ethics, exploring models of democracy and public participation in political science, and linking with social psychology to develop models of human behaviour and motivation. For some time now, I have pursued this interdisciplinary work within the context of ecological economics and more recently through the evolving Social Ecological Economics movement.

Established in 2006, this website aims to bring together and preserve in one location materials relating to various aspects of my work. Besides listing publications there are various downloads, many free, of materials which might otherwise be difficult to obtain (e.g. grey literature, discussion papers, research reports and book reviews). Links have been provided to publishers' websites where downloads may also be obtained.

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