The Politics of Carbon Emissions Trading: Censorship in Australia

Ariana Boussard-Reifel, Between the Lines, 2007. Photo: Ariana Boussard-Reifel

Ariana Boussard-Reifel, Between the Lines, 2007.

At the beginning of 2009 Clive Spash wrote a paper, The Brave New World of Carbon Trading, that was critical of carbon emissions trading schemes and argued redesign would not address the concerns raised. He was employed at the time by the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization (CSIRO), which endeavoured to prevent the paper from being published even in his capacity as a private citizen. The paper had been both internally and internationally peer reviewed, and was accepted for publication by New Political Economy, when CSIRO management first decided to prevent publication. After several months the issue became public and was the subject of debate in the Australian Senate. The CSIRO was forced to release the paper but first attempted to subject the work to serious alterations, to which Clive was asked to assent without making any changes. He felt that he could not agree. The journal New Political Economy also wrote to Senator Carr stating the changes made were so substantive that the paper was no longer equivalent to that which they had accepted for publication earlier that year (download letter here). Later Senator Carr’s office claimed he had never received this letter (see response to Senator Eggleston here), despite it being widely available and even having been quoted by Nature (see PDF here).  After six months attempting to seek due process there remained no internal recognition within management of any failure on their part or any breach of acceptable scientific practice. Despite considerable support from his colleagues Clive felt that he could no longer work within an organisation being run with such an approach to management and where arbitrary judgment over political sensitivities are employed to alter or ban research findings. He resigned his position.

What all the fuss was about:

Clive L. Spash (2010) The Brave New World of Carbon Trading (PDF), New Political Economy, Vol. 15, No. 2: 169-195.

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The Politics of Researching Carbon Trading in Australia. (PDF) Clive L. Spash (2014) In The Politics of Carbon Markets. Edited by Benjamin Stephan and Richard Lane. London: Routledge, pp.191-211.

An Orwellian Guide to Carbon ETS (PDF).
This short guide contains the text from the Brave New World of Carbon Trading that Megan Clark as CEO of the CSIRO demanded be removed in order for publication to take place.  These were the “tiny changes” required.  Later these cuts, which were never disclosed by the CSIRO, were defended in the Senate as “quality improvements”.

Kevin Rudd: His Part in My Downfall (PDF).
A 2 page analysis of the malaise in Australian politics and specifically the failure to tackle the power of the extractive resource corporations and make a transition to renewable electricity generation.

Censoring science in research officially (PDF).
An editorial for Environmental Values where Clive Spash raises the spread of research censorship by government authorities in the supposedly democratic Western nations.

2012 Review of the paper by Cornelia Beck (PDF) The Brave New World of Carbon Trading, Social and Environmental Accountability Journal, 32:1, p.40.

Video of invited talk given 3rd March 2010 at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia


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2nd November 2009. Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
CSIRO denies censoring climate paper. Shane McLeod for The World Today.

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CSIRO embroiled in censorship claims. Shane McLeod for AM.

5th November 2009. Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
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Dumped Professor calls for Senate inquiry. Mark Colvin for PM
Broadcast Interview
Extended Interview

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Michael Smith for 4BC 1116 Drive.

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Jason Morrison. CSIRO scientist resigns for Climate Change censorship.

9th March 2010. Student Youth Network, Melbourne.
Paul Serratore for Panorama
Interview Courtesy Panorama, SYN (90.7 FM), Melbourne

15th August 2010
Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Ian Townsend for Background Briefing
Culture Wars at CSIRO.
Short comment included as part of 48 minute programme

12th December 2012. 2CC Canberra Talk Radio.
Mike Welsh covering the toxic workplace and bullying culture at CSIRO (MP3)

Australian Senate

18th November 2009.
Official Hansard
10.31 Senator Back, Liberal Party of Australia, Western Australia, speech excerpt. (PDF)
12.59 Senator Abetz, Liberal Party of Australia, Deputy Leader of the Opposition, speech excerpt. (PDF)
15.46 Senator Milne, Australian Greens, Tasmania, motion. (PDF)
Motion Passed

19th November 2009.
Official Hansard
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25th November 2009.
Official Hansard
15.40 Senator Milne, Australian Greens, Tasmania, notice. (PDF)

25th November 2009 Senate Debate.
Official Hansard
Matters of Public Importance: The Rudd government’s censorship of the Commonwealth Scientific Research Organisation
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17.42 Senator Forshaw, Australian Labour Party, New South Wales, speech. (PDF)
17.52 Senator Ian MacDonald, Liberal Party of Australia, Queensland, speech. (PDF).

26th November 2009 Senate Order.
Official Hansard
The Brave New World of Carbon Trading
10.44 Senator Milne, Australian Greens, Tasmania, order. (PDF)
10.44 Senator Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Australian Labour Party, Victoria, opposition to order. (PDF)
10.46 Senator Milne, Australian Greens, Tasmania, supporting order. (PDF)
Order Passed
15.40 Senator Carr, Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Australian Labour Party, Victoria, return to order. (PDF)

Senate Estimates Committee

Senate. Economics Legislation Committee Estimates. (Additional Estimates).
Wednesday, 10 February, 2010. Canberra.
Question and answer sessions involving Dr Megan Clark and Andrew Johnson (CSIRO) and Senator Kim Carr. (PDF)

4th March 2010.
Senator Sophie Mirabella, Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. (PDF)
Senator Carr heavies CSIRO for political outcomes.

31st May 2010. CSIRO answers on abuse of referees report by Senator Carr and admission of leaking referees report to Senator Carr
CSIRO official written replies to “questions taken on notice” from Senator Eggleston

31st May 2010. Senator Carr denies receipt of letter from New Political Economy
Senator Carr’s office official replies to “questions taken on notice” from Senator Eggleston

19th October 2011. CSIRO provides new reason for banning Dr. Spash’s work, including the unacceptability of critiquing neoclassical economic theory.
CSIRO official written response to a question “taken on notice” from Senator Colbeck

15th February 2012. Exchange between Senator Mason and Mr Whelan of the CSIRO about their inconsistent publication practice in banning work by Dr. Spash and allowing other work critical of government policy.
CSIRO exchange including written response to question from the Senator Mason “taken on notice”

28th May 2012.
Senator Sophie Mirabella, Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. (PDF)