Curriculum Vitae


2000 University of Cambridge, UK; Master of Arts gratiis.

1987-1993 University of Wyoming, USA; Doctoral Degree in Economics with Distinction. Main fields Resource and Environmental Economics and Public Finance. Dissertation: Intergenerational Transfers and Long-Term Environmental Damages: Compensation of Future Generations for Global Climate Change due to the Greenhouse Effect. Awarded University of Wyoming outstanding dissertation in the Social Sciences, 1993.

1984-1987 University of British Columbia, Canada; Masters Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Resource Management Science. Dissertation: Measuring the Tangible Benefits of Environmental Improvement: An Economic Appraisal of Regional Crop Damages Due to Ozone.

1980-1984 University of Stirling, Scotland; Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Economics. Specialisation Environmental Economics. Dissertation: Sulphur Emission and Deposition in Europe: A Problem of Transfrontier Pollution.


WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria 
2010-present Chair of Public Policy and Governance
Department of Socio-Economics

Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway 
2010-2012 Professor II
Department of International Environment and Development Studies

Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia
2006-2009 Chief Executive Officers’ Science Leader, Sustainable Ecosystems Division and Senior Civil Servant

Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, United Kingdom
2001-2006 Head, Socio-Economic Research Programme; member of Institute’s senior management and designated Science Leader; built a research team up from 5 to 20 staff in four years.

University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Research Chair in Environmental and Rural Economics
2003-2006 Department of Geography & Environment
2002-2003 Department of Land Economy
2001-2002 Department of Agriculture & Forestry

European Society for Ecological Economics
2003-2006 President, elected to a second term by postal ballot of the members. 
2000-2003 President, elected by postal ballot of the members. 
1998-2000 Vice-President, elected to second term by members General Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.
1996-1998 Vice-President, elected by inaugural General Meeting in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France.

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
1996-2001 Director, Cambridge Research for the Environment (CRE).
1996-2001 University Lecturer in Environmental Economics and Policy, Department of Land Economy.

Université de Versailles, France
1996 Summer Visiting Professeur, Centre d’Economie et d’Ethique pour l’Environnement et le Développement (C3ED), Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

Lincoln University, New Zealand
1993-1994 Visiting Lecturer, Department of Economics and Finance.

University of Stirling, United Kingdom
1990-1996 Lecturer in Economics, Department of Economics.
1992-1996 Assistant Director, Environmental Economics Research Group.
1995-1996 Warden, A. K. Davidson Hall.
1994-1995 Deputy Warden, A. K. Davidson Hall.
1991-1994 Assistant Flats’ Warden for Fraser/Donnelly.

University of Wyoming, United States of America
1988-1990 Research Associate for Professor R.C. d’Arge.
1988-1990 Teaching Assistant for Professors R.C. d’Arge & T.D. Crocker.
1987-1988 Teaching Assistant.

University of British Columbia, Canada
1985-1987 Research Assistant, Forest Economic Policy Association (FEPA).