Social Ecological Activism

Linking academic knowledge to social activism is an important task in achieving an emancipatory approach to scientific research.  That is, research informs the researcher about reality and requires that they act upon that knowledge. This is no less important for the social scientist than say an engineer.  The difference lies in the primary object of study, that is applying knowledge to the social as opposed to the physical reality.  Making the connection between research and its implications is part of breaking down the fact-value dichotomy.  In practical terms it means being engaged in society and community and opposing forces that create harm and oppression as well as those creating and spreading false knowledge. Below are links to pages describing some projects and campaigns for raising social ecological awareness and social movements protesting against the tide of environmental destruction with which I have engaged in recent times, as well as related incidents and events.

Climate Camp, Austria

Stop the Third Runway, Vienna

Campaign for Academics to Fly Less

Vienna Police Violence Against Climate Demonstrators

Squatter Movement Barcelona
[under construction]

Degrowth Southern France
[under construction]