Media Coverage and Interviews

Many press releases and radio interviews and other relevant items can also be found under Carbon Emissions Trading & Political Censorship.  For videos go to the Talks and Lectures pages.

3rd February, 2024 Protest coverage at shutting of the University WU’s Socio-Economics Library

The Austrian newspaper Der Standard, article here (external link), covers interviews with students and myself concerning the closure of our departmental library and the related issues of undermining and failing to teach heterodox economics and the sustained erosion of alternative economics to the mainstream orthdoxy.

20th September, 2021 Interview with Szandra  Koves as part of ESEE Podcast ‘Economics for Rebels’

The interview (external link) covers different aspects of Social Ecological Economics including: why the social aspect is important to address failures in ecological economics, human models of behaviour in economics,  institutions, structure and agency,  social movements and activism, social ecological transformation, ethics and values.

December, 2020 Interview for Radio in USA

I did a 30 min radio interview for Global Research Radio which appears in the second part of an hour long programme; I covered economic growth, Green New Deal, the industrial-military complex ENGO co-option by corporations and a few other things.

17th April, 2020 Coronavirus Epidemic

I was interviewed in English for Russian wikinews covering the Coronavirus which was newly arrived at the time. This was translated into Russian by Roman Balabin and posted on the Russian wikinews website in both Russian (external link) and English (external link). PDF copies here in Russian and English.

4th November, 2014 Valuing and Pricing Nature: Debate with Tony Juniper

BBC Radio 4, Shared Planet “Beaver Business” (external link) hosted by Monty Don. Debate with Tony Juniper and Clive L. Spash. Producer: Mary Colwell. Programme Downloadable MP3  (Note the debate starts about 10 minutes into the programme.)

Our Social Ecological Economic Crises  Transcript (PDF)

This was a short interview shot by a two man team covering a workshop I organised in Vienna to explore the content and meaning of social ecological economics.  There are more similar videos of others from this event available under SEE Workshop 2012 on Vimeo.

“The Failure of Economics Education” a short interview by Patrick Chalmers

You’ll need to turn the sound up full as it is really quiet!

Other Interviews and Press Coverage

13th September 2018. Hambach Forest: Battleground for climate action. (external link) DW News by Ruby Russell and Katharina Wecker. (pdf)

3rd September, 2018. Ecological Economics: An Oxymoron? (external link) JSTOR Daily by Livia Gershon (pdf).

26th August 2018 Letters: Climate change is real. We must not offer credibility to those who deny it. (external link) The Guardian. (pdf)

29th May, 2012. Naht das Ende der Rohstoffe? 40 Jahre Diskussion über die “Grenzen des Wachstums”. Producer: Birgit Dalheimer. (German language)

17th December, 2010. “Political interference will cripple climate debate” The Australian, Michael Asten

25th October, 2010. Norwegian National Broadcasting (NRK), Guro Tarjem og Remi Horgar for Verdt å Vite Special on Biodiversity Valuation (MP3). Short interview as part of 28 minute programme mostly in Norwegian.

15th August 2010. Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Ian Townsend for Background Briefing. Culture Wars at CSIRO. Short interview as part of 48 minute programme

3rd July, 2010. “CSIRO in bed with big coal” The Sydney Morning Herald, Paddy Manning.

2nd July, 2010. “A poor climate for debate at CSIRO” The Age, Paddy Manning

10th March 2010. Sorry Senator Carr, no award for you. Herald Sun. Olga Galacho.

3rd March 2010. Senator ‘abused’ review process. The Australian, Bernard Lane.

11th February 2010. CSIRO ‘in denial’ over policy debate. Herald Sun, AAP.

5th February 2010. Rømde frå klimapolitisk sensur. Dag og Tid, Astrid S. Dypvik. Dag_og_tid_Norway_Feb_2010 (PDF in Norwegian.) (Much more media on the carbon trading debate is on that page.)

December 2006. Personal Profile: An Interview with Clive Spash. (PDF) European Society for Ecological Economics Newsletter.

1st June 2006. Comment on BBC Radio 4 Climate Change in the USA Programme
. Accessed 1st June 2006.

The Scotsman Friday 21 Feb 2003 “More action needed on global warming”

Interviewed for Radio Scotland on Public Participation and Scottish National Heritage, February 2002.

Challenge as Concern for the Environment Grows. Press & Journal 19th January 2002.

Interviewed for Austrian national radio programme on “The Value of a Songbird” May, 2000.

Interviewed as expert on environmental economics for BBC 2 documentary on environmental valuation, December 1997.

Interviewed as expert on the economics of Environmentally Sensitive Areas for Farming Today, BBC Radio 4, aired June 1995.