Editorials & Short Pieces


Conceptualising Nature: From Dasgupta to Degrowth. Environmental Values 30 no.3: 265-275. 2021.

Days of decision. Environmental Values 29 no.4: 387-396, 2020.

The Revolution will not be Corporatised! Environmental Values 29 no.2: 121-130, 2020.

Social ecological transformation, whether you like it or not!  Environmental Values 28 no.3: 263-273, 2019.2013

Facing the truth or living a lie: Conformity, radicalism and activism. Environmental Values 27 no.3: 215-222, 2018.

Environmentalism and democracy in the age of nationalism and corporate capitalism. Environmental Values 26 no.4: 403-412, 2017

Social ecological transformation and the individual Environmental Values 25 no.3: 253-258, 2016.

Tackling climate change, breaking the frame of modernity. Environmental Values 24 no.4: 437-444, 2015.

The dying planet index: Life, death and Man’s domination of Nature. Environmental Values 24 no.1: 1-7, 2015.

Seeking sustainability. Environmental Values 23 no.1: 1-5, 2014.

Changes needed. Environmental Values 22 no.1: 1-5, 2013.

Response and Responsibility. Environmental Values, 21 no.4: 391-396, 2012.

Green Economy, Red Herring. Environmental Values, 21 no.2, 95-99, 2012.

Terrible economics, ecosystems and banking. Environmental Values 20 no.2:141-145, 2011.

Censoring science in research officially Environmental Values 19 no.2: 141-146, 2010.

The new environmental pragmatists, pluralism and sustainability. (PDF) Environmental Values 18 no.3: 253-256, 2009.

A worthwhile academic life. (PDF) Environmental Values 17 no.2: 121-124, 2008.

Changing climate, changing values, changing editors: ‘All change’. Environmental Values 16 no.2: 143-147, 2007.

Environmental values in the USA today. Environmental Values 15 no.3: 269-271, 2006

Editorial. Environmental Values 7 no.1: 1-2, 1998.

Items in Newsletters and on the Net

The Climate Movement: What Next? (2019) Invited Comment for the Tellus Foundation.

Greenwash! Now in New Improved Formulae. (2015) Invited Comment for the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation.

The economics of avoiding action on climate change. (PDF) Adbusters 16(1), 2008.

Fallacies of economic growth in addressing environmental losses: Human induced climatic change (PDF) Newsletter of the Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics (ANZSEE), May 2007: 2-4.

The State of Ecological Economics: A Decade of European Experience. (PDF)European Society for Ecological Economics Newsletter December 2006.

Personal Profile: An Interview with Clive Spash. (PDF) European Society for Ecological Economics Newsletter December 2006.

Uncertainty and the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect: A Response to Schneider’s “Policy Brief” (PDF) International Society for Ecological Economics NewsletterJanuary 2007 pp.12-14.

The Stern Report: The Continuing Fallacy of Global Cost-Benefit Analysis. (PDF) European Society for Ecological Economics Newsletter November 2006 4pp. http://www.euroecolecon.org/pdf/Spash_on_Stern (external link)

David Pearce, Economist who put a price on the environment. (PDF) Obituary for ENDS Report Environmental Data Services, London, October 2005.

The content and meaning of ecological economics Human Ecology 18/19 October 2001: 18-23.

Human Dimensions Research: Ecological Economics. Update Newsletter of the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP) 2000, Issue 3/00: 4-5.

Ecological economics at the cross-roads. (PDF) 20 page paper, posted on the International Society for Ecological Economics Web Site, (external link) February 2000.

Sustainability: Economic approaches and ethical implications — a comment on Achim Lerch and Hans G. Nutzinger Analyse & Kritik 2000.

Welcome from the President. European Society for Ecological Economics NewsletterIssues 10, 2000.

Evolution of and structural change within ISEE. European Society for Ecological Economics Newsletter No.8 November 1999:3-4.

Environmental values and environmental valuation. UKCEED Bulletin No.53 Spring 1998: 12-14.

Guest Editorial. Environmental Values 7 no.1 1998: 1-2.

Imperatives for surveyors’ action on the environment. Chartered Surveyor Monthly September 1997: 40-41.

Economics and international environmental problems and policies. Green Values no.5 (June 1992): 7-9.

Ecological Economics in Scotland. International Society for Ecological Economics Newsletter no.3 (May 1991): 3.