On Camera

Students adjusting video camera equipment

Everyone seems to have a video camera when you give a talk these days, but the quality and results are highly variable.  Unfortunately, that is not always true. For example, when I gave a plenary talk to 2000 conservationist in a modern 7 story opera house in Montpellier, the lecture received a standing ovation and was followed by a debate, but the organisers neither videoed nor recorded the event.  You never can tell what will happen or what will get lost.  Professionals and the well funded do not guarantee good outcomes.  You can become a bit cynical after getting cut from a programme on environmental valuation by the BBC for not repeating what the director wanted said.  You might become suspicious, after presenting a critique of green growth at an Austrian macroeconomic research institute and after months of inquiry being told the video could not be posted as there was no sound.  You might be even more suspicious when a bank produces a high quality two language video of you criticising environmental financialisation and then refuses to release it due to “internal problems”.  You might be disappointed by having out of focus videos posted of you as if shot from half a mile away.  Then there are pleasant surprises with high quality results from activists, student amateurs, colleagues and University media teams.  Below is a selection of videos covering seminars, lectures and conference presentations (some interviews can be found here).  More videos of lectures and talks can be found at Clive Spash on Vimeo

2014 Presentation at Degrowth Conference and Debate with Nico Paech

2014 Short summary of my lecture on limits to growth given at the Universitat Autonoma Barcelona during the Degrowth Summer School

Public Seminar in Australia on Carbon Emissions Trading

This was an invited talk given at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia on 3rd March 2010.  The topic covered my paper on carbon emissions trading that had been subject to a ban and censorship by my employer in 2009.  I had resigned about 4 months before this video was shot and the talk was part of a lecture tour of Australia I undertook to publicise the topic.

2010 Presentation at Australia’s Climate Action Summit, Canberra

The culmination of my lecture tour  mentioned above was the Climate Summit where environmental activists and their political supporters were meeting.  I was invited to give a plenary talk on emissions trading.  The assembled masses had officially been supporting the governments emissions trading scheme, but at the end of this conference they voted to reverse this decision and come out against it.  There were several amateur camera men and women present and I also gave interviews at the event, but this was apparently the only video to appear online.

Bulldozing Biodiversity, Lecture in English, Bank of Austria, Vienna, 6th December 2010

Bulldozing Biodiversity, Lecture in German, Bank of Austria, Vienna, 6th December 2010


Lecture for the Norwegian Ministry of Research and Higher Education, Conference on Biotechnology and the Social Contract, January 2011

Clive Spash on Sustainability Indicators, Environmental Values and Problems with the Capital Approach. Presentation at the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, May 2009