Vienna Police Units U33, BE81 & BE5 Involved in Brutal Assault

Still shots from the video recording of the violent and brutal attack on a climate protestor (Vienna, 31 May 2019). Coverage of the overall events and violence of the police at the climate demo can beĀ  found here. Other still shots of the police ‘in action’ can be found here.

Police unit designation in the following is identifiable by the code on the police officers’ backs.

  • Bereitschaftseinheit BE81: 8th Division, Group 1. BE with underlining means Gruppenkommandant, i.e., BE 81
  • Bereitschaftseinheit BE50: 5th Division, 0 designates rank as Zugskommandant, also shown by the underlining of BE
  • Einsatzeinheit (EE) U330: ULAN designated U, 3rd Company, 3rd Division; 0 at the end would normally designate the Zugskommandant, but all U33 police officers had 0 on their uniforms, this is deliberate in order to make the Zugskommandant invisible.

Gruppenkommandant of Unit BE81 confers about pinned down protestor with U33 officer (possibly the Zugskommandant)

U33 Policemen appear to push protestor’s head into the pavement.

As the assault proceeded police tried to prevent filming and camera moved; note Zugskommandant of BE5 is present and two officers from U33 join

Female officer of U33 turns her back on the violence. The bald police U33 officer is punching the protestor in the back. Zugskommandant of BE5 looks on.

Gruppenkommandant of BE81 overlooks the violence with his men looking round. Other officers of U33 block vision from outsiders.

Bald ring leader assaults the protestor repeatedly see video

Policemen of U33 use full strength to suppress the protestor’s movement in reaction to the punches

Gruppenkommandant of BE81 ignores the violence and moves to side of female officer. Others of U33 look round as protestor screams in pain at the assault.

Young trainees of BE81 look upset at events. There are 5 officers from U33 involved directly in the assault. A further 3 are present, including two women.

Gruppenkommandant of BE81 takes position next to female U33 officer who appears upset, and to block the view of people who rushed over to see the cause of the screams.

Gruppenkommandant of BE81 orders his men to stop the member of the public from filming the assault.

See the fist of the bald policeman of U33, he is repeatedly punching into the protestor while one of his colleagues shouts (in German) “in the kidneys”!