New Book! Coming in 2024
In the Spring of 2024 my book Foundations of Social Ecological Economics will be published with Manchester University Press. The final manuscript was submitted in March 2023 and went into production in May.

Deconstructing The Dasgupta Review and Biodiversity Economics
In collaboration with Green Finance Observatory I conducted a critical assessment of the UK Treasury sponsored review on biodiversity economics by Sir Partha Dasgupta, that appeared February 2021. In May we were able to respond with both a peer reviewed journal article and a policy brief

Doughnut Economics, Sustainable Development and Apologists for Growth
At the beginning of 2021, I had a brief public encounter at the UN SDG Conference (online) with Kate Raworth on her ‘Doughnut’ and the failings of this approach to help understanding of actual economies or the structure of capitalism.  The criticisms I posed are available on two short videos available via the Talks&Lectures/On Camera section. I have also criticised this approach elsewhere and devoted a short section of my Apologists for Growth article to the topic.

Forthcoming and Recent Articles

I have two articles in the special issues of Globalizations on ‘Economics and Climate Emergency’ that will appear in hard copy 2021 but has been online since 2020. The first is a research article relating the Coronavirus (COVID-19) to the ecological and economic crisis. The second addresses the failure of economists (both orthodox and heterodox) to follow through on their claims of crises in capitalism and ecology while exposing the social and political structure of dominant growth economies and how different economists act as apologists for growth.  A piece was published in The Ecological Citizen explaining how corporate capitalism and financialisation have captured the environmental movement in a passive revolution.

The journal Ecological Economics had a ‘special issue’ on 30 years of existence and looking forward to the next 30 years. Due to the mess which is Elsevier’s ever more commercial journal production process the papers do not actually appear in a single issue! My paper addresses the paradigmatic struggles in the field and specifically the failure to recognise the market paradigm as distinct from the growth paradigm and that the heart of the field is in a third, the social ecological economics paradigm. A tale of three paradigms: Realising the revolutionary potential of ecological economics.

Discussion Papers

Maja Hoffmann & Clive L. Spash, 2021. “The impacts of climate change mitigation on work for the Austrian economy,” SRE-Disc sre-disc-2021_10

Andreas Exner & Carla Weinzierl & Livia Cepoiu & Stephanie Arzberger & Clive L. Spash, 2021. “Smart and Edible: How Edible Cities Create Smart Public Spaces,” SRE-Disc sre-disc-2021_09

Clive L. Spash & Tone Smith, 2021. “The Values of Nature,” SRE-Disc sre-disc-2021_03

Felix Windegger & Clive L. Spash, 2021. “Reconceptualising Freedom in the 21st Century: Degrowth vs. Neoliberalism,” SRE-Disc sre-disc-2021_02

Clive L. Spash, 2021. “The History of Pollution ‘Externalities’ in Economic Thought,” SRE-Disc sre-disc-2021_01

My recent working/discussion papers are now generally posted on  Research Papers in Economics (external link, free to download).  For a complete chronological listing, including all such papers, past and present, see Discussion/Working Papers.

Journal Articles and Editorials

Stoddard I, Anderson K, Capstick S, Carton W, Depledge J, Facer K, Gough C, Hache F, Hoolohan C, Hultman M, Hällström N, Kartha S, Klinsky S, Kuchler M, Lövbrand E, Nasiritousi N, Newell P, Peters GP, Sokona Y, Stirling A, Stilwell M, Spash C, Williams M (2021) Three decades of climate mitigation: Why haven’t we bent the global emissions curve? (external link) Annual Review of Environment and Resources, 46 forthcoming.

Clive L. Spash, and Frédéric Hache (2021) The Dasgupta Review deconstructed: An exposé of biodiversity economics. (PDF, free to download, external link) Globalizations (available online from 27th May).

Clive L. Spash (2021) Apologists for growth: Passive revolutionaries in a passive revolution. (PDF, free to download, external link) Globalizations 18 no.7: 1-26.

Clive L. Spash (2021) ‘The economy’ as if people mattered: Revisiting critiques of growth in a time of crisis. (PDF, free to download, external link) Globalizations 18 no.7: 1-18.

Clive L. Spash (2021) A reply to Levrel and Martinet. Ecological Economics 179 January: 1-2. (PDF, free to download until 16 December 2020, external link).

Book Chapters

Clive L. Spash and Hendrik Theine (2018) Voluntary Individual Carbon Trading: Friend or Foe? In The Cambridge Handbook of Psychology and Economic Behaviour. Edited by Alan Lewis. Cambridge: University Press, pp.595-624.

Review Articles

The Future Post-Growth Society. Review of Rob Dietz and Dan O’Neill Enough is Enough: Building a Sustainable Economy in a World of Finite Resources. London: Earthscan. x +240 pp. Development and Change 46 no.1, (2015): 366-380.

On the Radio

BBC Radio 4, Shared Planet “Beaver Business” hosted by Monty Don. Debate with Tony Juniper and Clive L. Spash on Valuing and Pricing Nature. Producer: Mary Colwell. Programme webpage Downloadable MP3  (Debate starts about 10 minutes in.)