Teaching Resume

Core Experience

WU Vienna University of Economics and Business 2010—Present
Postgraduate2015 Spash Walls and the tiger v1c

  • Ph.D. Research Seminar: Ecological Economics
  • Ph.D. Research Seminar: Ethics and Environmental Values
  • Ph.D. Research Seminar: Philosophy of Science — Ontology, Epistemology, Methodology
  • Ph.D. Research Seminar: Research Methods and Publication
  • Ph.D. Advanced Methods Course: Evaluation and the Environment — Theory and Practice
  • M.A. Socio-Ecological Economics & Policy: International Institutions, Governance and Policy Evaluation
  • M.A. Socio-Ecological Economics & Policy: Methodology for Interdisciplinary Research
  • M.A. Socio-Ecological Economics & Policy: Environmental Change and Policy I (Concentration Area)
  • M.A. International Management (CEMS): Climate Change Strategy Role Play

University of Cambridge, Department of Land Economy 1996-2001

  • Part IA, IB and Part II, Department of Land Economy Examiner
  • Tripos Paper 1: Welfare Economics Lecturer, examiner
  • Tripos Paper 5: Land and Environmental Economics Lecturer, examiner
  • Tripos Paper 11: Land Markets and Public Policy Lecturer, examiner
  • Part II Inter-Departmental Conservation Biology Module Lecturer
  • Seminar Paper in Environmental Law & Economics Supervisor


  • CRE Discussion Group Monthly Seminars Organiser
  • M.Phil. Land Economy Examiner
  • M.Phil. Subject 2: Investment Analysis Lecturer
  • M.Phil. Subject 11: Ecological & Environmental Economics Coordinator/lecturer, examiner
  • M.Phil. Subject 12: Public Policy Evaluation Lecturer
  • M.Phil. Land Economy Option A & B Dissertations Supervisor, 10 students
  • Ph.D. Land Economy Supervisor, 4 students

University of Stirling, Scotland 1990-1996

  • 4111 Introductory Microeconomics. Tutor, examiner
  • 4112 Introductory Macroeconomics. Tutor, examiner
  • 4113 Intermediate Microeconomics. Principal lecturer, tutor, examiner
  • 41A4 Intermediate Macroeconomics. Tutor, examiner
  • 41N6 Environmental Economics. Coordinator, lecturer, tutor, examiner
  • 41NG Political Economy of Natural Resources. Coordinator, lecturer, tutor, examiner
  • 41NH Applications in Natural Resource Economics. Coordinator, lecturer, tutor, examiner
  • 41B6 Public Sector Economics. Examiner
  • B.Ed/M.Ed Economic Context of Education Policy Making in Developing Countries. Lecturer, examiner


  • M.Sc. Environmental Management
    • Project Appraisal: CBA & environmental valuation Coordinator, lecturer, examiner.
    • Environmental Economics Coordinator, lecturer, tutor, examiner
  • M.Sc. Information Systems Management
    • Public Sector Project Appraisal. Examiner
  • Dissertation Supervision 1991-1994
    • Doctoral Supervision 2 Students
    • B.A., Hons. Economics 5 Students
    • B.Sc., Hons. Environmental Science and Economics 2 Students
    • M.Sc. Environmental Management 10 Students
    • M.B.A. 4 Students

Lincoln University, New Zealand 1993-1994

  • ECON 314 Environmental Economics Lecturer, tutor

University of Wyoming, United States of America 1987-1990

  • ECON 301 Principles of Microeconomics Tutor
  • ECON 302 Principles of Macroeconomics Tutor
  • ECON 440 Economics of the Environment Lecturer
  • ECON 602 Intermediate Microeconomic Theory Lecturer
  • ECON 641 Natural Resource Economics Lecturer
  • ECON 671 Comparative Economic Systems Lecturer

Other Course and Teaching Involvement

Norwegian University of Life Sciences June 2012

  • Thor Heyerdahl Summer School in Environmental Governance: Global Environmental Governance, Lecturer

Centre for Social Studies, School of Economics, University of Coimbra, Lousã, Portugal July 2011

  • 2nd Critical Economics Summer School. Environmental Values and Public Policies, Guest Lecturer

Norwegian University of Life Sciences June 2011

  • Thor Heyerdahl Summer School in Environmental Governance: Institutions for Sustainable Development, Lecturer

Agricultural University of Norway 16th October 2001

  • Climate Change: Ethics and Politics Guest Lecturer

International Honors Program in Global Ecology 2nd November 2000

  • Economic Assessment of Global Climate Change Guest Lecturer

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, USA February 2000

  • Ecological Economics Guest Lecturer

Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain 20th September to 1st October 1999

  • Advanced Course in Decision Tools and Processes for Integrated Environmental Assessment Lecturer

Doctoral Students

Australian National University, Canberra 2008-2011 Supervisor: Alex Y. Lo, Anthony M. Ryan.

University of Aberdeen 2002-2005 Ph.D. Co-Supervisor, Rodd Dyer

Australian National University, Canberra 1999-2001, Research School of Social Sciences External Supervisor, Simon Niemeyer

University of Cambridge, Department of Land Economy 1996-2001. Supervisor, Edmundo Claro, Alfonso Salinas, Mauricio Villena; Substitute Supervisor Kevin Urama.

External Examiner

  • PhD Dissertation, Department of Economics, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Ås, Norway, 2009.
  • PhD Dissertation, Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, 2001.
  • PhD Dissertation, Faculty of Science and Engineering, The University of Edinburgh 2000.
  • PhD Dissertation, Economics Department, University of Strathclyde, 2000, 2001.
  • MSc. in Ecological Economics, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Edinburgh, 1997-2000.
  • PhD Dissertation, Economics Department, University of Cambridge, 1997.
  • MSc. Dissertation, Master of Commerce and Management, Lincoln University, New Zealand, 1994.

Course Development

  • M.A. Course in Socio-Ecological Economics and Policy, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business 2012-Present
  • Master and Doctoral Programme in Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development Policy 1998-2001 Socrates Programme Project No. 2864-IC-1998-1-UK-Erasmus-EPS-1, Grant of 15,154 Euro for curriculum development (joint with Universities of Barcelona, Keele, and Versailles).
  • MPhil course in Ecological and Environmental Economics, University of Cambridge, 1996-2001.
  • Established BSc degree in Ecological Economics, University of Stirling, 1994.
  • Think Tank for course on Ethics and Aesthetics, Graduate School of Environmental Studies, University of Strathclyde, (1992-1993).
  • Three course options developed while at Stirling University (1990-1996): Political Economy of Natural Resources, Applications in Natural Resource Economics, Environmental Economics.