Lecturing, Conferences and Public Speaking

LecternI restrict myself to about ten to fourteen lectures a year outside of my teaching obligations (which require running eight courses a year).  In an average year this involves a couple of international conference presentations, for example speaking at the European Society for Ecological Economics, Association for Heterodox Economics, and Degrowth conferences.  Beside conferences I get invited to give talks and seminars at other Universities, research institutes and to government and non-governmental organisations. I also guest lecture at summer schools which has included all three of the Thor Heyerdahl summer schools (external link) in Norway and the three degrowth summer schools in Barcelona.  Mostly the audiences are students, specialists or academics, but I have also talked at town halls and public meetings, especially in Australia after the censorship of my work on emission trading.

A selection of videos from various talks can be found by going to the On Camera page, which also has external links to more.  More information on a selection of conference presentations can be found on the Conference Presentations page.