A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network

picturePolicymakers working at the European scale can face a problem when trying to assess scientific research. Although European research is rich and varied, there is a need for better coordination: ALTER-Net is designed to pull together research from many different scientific disciplines, as well as from many different countries.

The ALTER-Net project seeks to create a Network of Excellence involving some 24 organisations from 17 countries. These organisations will research how biodiversity is assessed, and explore the implications that sustainable development will have for biodiversity.

ALTER-Net will:

  • create a Europe-wide network for long-term terrestrial and freshwater biodiversity and ecosystem research;
  • assess and forecast changes in the biodiversity, structure, functions and dynamics of ecosystems and their services;
  • assess the socio-economic implications and public attitudes to biodiversity loss.

For details of the entire Europe-wide network, please see the main ALTER-Net page.

Project Members

  • Richard Cooper  
  • Peter Dennis  
  • Anke Fischer – Research Work Package 5: Leader 2005-2006
  • Ayele Gelan  
  • Alison Hester  
  • Robin Pakeman  
  • Clive Spash – Research Work Package 5: Leader 2002-2005