Project Summary

The main website for this project can be found at:

This project ran under funding from the European Commission’s Environment and Climate Research Programme and was coordinated by Martin O’Connor. A variety of approaches to environmental problems were pursued by different partners. These included citizen’s juries (Aldred and Jacobs, 1997; Aldred and Jacobs, 2000) and contingent valuation (Spash, 1998) by the UK team, a participatory multi-criteria approach by the Italian team (De Marchi et al., 2000), and institutional analysis by the Spanish (Aguilera-Klink, Perez-Moriana and Sanchez-Garcia, 2000; Aguilera-Klink and Sanchez-Garcia, 2002) and French teams (Noel, O’Connor and Sang, 2000). Outcomes and papers were published as a full report (O’Connor et al., 1998) which can be found at, and also as a special issue of Ecological Economics (O’Connor, 2000a; O’Connor, 2000b).

My own work under this project covered extensions to standard survey methods in contingent valuation in order to address ethical and attitudinal factors (Spash, 1998; Spash, 2000; Spash, 2006). This latter work fed directly into my research under the ADVISOR project. My report on the wetlands section of the project can be downloaded by clicking here. (PDF)

In addition, there was much investigation and discussion of participation, deliberation and valuation which lead to my doing some work around deliberative monetary valuation (Niemeyer and Spash, 2001; Spash, 2001b). This is an on-going area of exploration within my research interests. VALSE also fed in to the EVE project, and in terms of the participation area you can see this in terms of the special issue ofGovernment & Policy which I edited (Spash, 2001a).


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